10 Proven Methods for Achievement

Highly skilled, experienced and dedicated managerial and technically proficient staff consisting of the appropriate mix of: project managers, supervisors, administrative and custodial staff, qualified vendors and subcontractors. TEAMWORK

Continuity and uniform services.

Quality Products - vendors with proven track records in providing top quality services to similar industries.

Transition - a specialized team to develop benchmarks for each step of the process, and program implementation and monitoring. SCHEDULE

Operational plans and procedures which include the use of the latest technology and methods in our management systems (e.g., staffing process, work schedules, logs, purchasing and billing, etc.), materials, supplies, and equipment.

A Comprehensive Value Added Quality Improvement/Assurance Program that is task specific and measurable. QUALITY CONTROL

• Training - formalized on-going training. TRAINING CENTER

Operating Principals - Face-to-face supervisory inter-changes, and a decentralized organizational approach with clear unambiguous command channels.

Flexibility in program design, improvements, and additions.

• Continuous Improvement

In addition, Meridian Materials, Inc. will promptly respond to all emergency services on a 24/7 basis. We provide timely feedback to our clients of the corrective actions taken.

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